About Redooc

Redooc is a digital learning platform designed to teach basic skills like reading, writing and doing math. Understanding, knowing how to communicate and to reason are basic life and work skills.

We started with mathematics content, which is the basic “grammar” of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Mathematics is an international language, a passport to find a job and to live consciously: it teaches how to analyse situations and make decisions.

Redooc uses natural language and technology in accordance with teenagers’ habits and preferences: videos, gamification, mind maps, smartphones.... It’s an innovative project that redesigns education: our platform is student-centred and it highlights the importance of teachers. That’s why we are always in beta status.

Redooc is a highly-accessible platform because everyone has the right to take his/her time according to his/her own learning process, which rarely corresponds to the traditional teaching method based on listening and memorising. This method does not allow teachers to find and nourish hidden talents and that is why we say that “every student has special needs.”