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In this lesson you will improve your English listening skills with Wanda and Vision!

Watch the trailers, learn new words and download our worksheets!

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Wandavision - The plot

Wanda and Vision are married and live their happily married couple. They have to deal with problems like dinner parties and a noisey neighbour in front of a live studio audience. But there's a dark truth hiding behind this wall of happiness.

Wandavision Original trailer

Video youtube

What's going on in Wanda and Vision's home? Are they safe?


Watch the video

and improve your listening skills with the worksheet below!

Wandavision Italian trailer

Video youtube

How many words did you catch watching the English trailer?


It's time to check if you really got them!

Watch the Italian trailer and find out what the characters said!

Wandavision Listening Exercise

If you want to improve, you have to memorise the Italian translation of English words.

Watch both the videos again and try to match each sentence with its Italian translation!


Download the listening exercise below: