How to Write an E-mail

In this lesson you'll learn how to write a short e-mail in English!


What's the subject of an E-mail? And an address?

Learn this and much more with this lesson and improve your writing skills!

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The address and the Subject

This is the first part of an email. The subject is an introduction and it has to be short.




Subject: Hello!

The salutation - E-mail

This part usually begins with Dear + Name or Hi/Hello

After the name of the person or "Hi/Hello" we put a comma ,



  • Dear Anne,
  • Hello,

The body - E-mail

This is the central part of your e-mail.

You can write the information you want the other person to know here.

When you add a new information, you have to begin a new paragraph.

The closing - E-mail

The closing is the final greeting of the e-mail.

The first word is CAPITALIZED and you put a , comma after the last word.

Some examples of closings are:

  • Love,
  • Your friend,
  • Thank You,
  • Bye,

Postscript - E-mail

If you forgot to mention something, you can add it to the end!

Write P.s. and add the information you want the other person to know.



P.s. I I can't wait to see you!

Write an E-mail

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