Divide and gather

The division is an operation that allows us to separate a total into equal amounts.

Don't fight with your brother and learn how to divide your picture cards into equal decks!



Have you ever done a division? Something like "Let's split up into two groups".

Learn how to gather and divide objects and help Oscar with his flies!

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Why do you need divisions?

How can Oscar divide his flies to have the same number of flies in 4 different cages? Flies are 12 and there should be 3 flies in every cage.

We did a division!

12 : 4 = 3

Twelve divided by 4 equals 3. The division sign is £$ : $£ (or £$ \div $£).

How many flies will there be in every cage if Oscar has 20 flies? 

Divisions to create groups

Lisa doesn't know how to gather her butterflies. In total, the butterflies are 24 and she knows that she can put a maximum of 3 butterflies in each cage. How many cages will she need? She will need 8 cages.

24 : 3 = 8

Divide the butterflies into 3 groups and count how many groups you can create: 8 groups. You solved another problem for Lisa!

How may cages will she need if she has 27 butterflies?