What is a fraction?

Fractions are special numbers. Their digits are divided by a line! Learn how to write them down.


Fractions are numbers with their digits divided by a line

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Fractions as divisions

Different ways to write a fraction

The parts of a fraction

A fraction is a number.

Every time you read or write a division, you are reading or writing a fraction. £$ 14 : 6 $£ is a division. Also, you can write it horizontally £$ 14/6 $£ or vertically £$ \dfrac{14}{6} $£.

Fractions have three parts: the line of fraction, the top number and the bottom number.

The number written above the line of fraction is the numerator: it tells us the number of parts we have.

The number written below the line of fraction is the denominator: it tells us the number of parts the whole has been divided into.

The line of fraction means "divided by".

Fractions as parts of a whole

Rita's cake has 10 equal slices. Every guest eats one slice.
The amount of cake that every guest eats is a fraction. Here is how a fraction is written: £$ \dfrac{1}{10} $£. There are two ways to read it: "one of ten" or "one tenth".
A fraction is a part of a whole unit. The fraction £$ \dfrac{1}{10} $£ means that you are taking one of ten equal parts.
How do you read the fraction £$ \dfrac{2}{5} $£?