The hundred

What comes after 99? The hundred, that you can write 100. 



The hundred: 100.

100 is the first number with 3 digits but it's not the only one that you know.

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Numbers greater than 100

Now that you learned how to represent the number 100 on the abacus, what about the numbers greater than 100? 100 is not a limit, we can go ahead in the count. How? Nothing new: we take the numbers we already know and we add them to 100.

Number 123 is made up of a hundred, 2 tens and 3 units. It's like the number 23 with a 1 on its left. We read one hundred and twenty-three.

You read all the numbers greater than 100 adding the word "one hundred" before the number. For example number 148 is "one hundred and fourty-eight" or 175 "one hundred and seventy-five".

What about if we add more hundreds? 2 hundreds = 200, 3 hundreds = 300, it isn't difficult, right?

Number 100 on the abacus

Number 100 on the abacus

A hundred, ten tens, a hundred units

A hundred, ten tens, a hundred units