English listening comprehension

In this lesson you will find three listening exercises. Each exercise is different and improves different abilities. Get ready for next year's national English test!


Listening comprehension is the most difficult skill to improve. Overcome this obstacle with our English listening lesson: each exercise is completely different and fun!

Table of contents of this lesson: English listening comprehension

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Susie's family

Here is the first listening exercise.

Listen carefully and complete each sentence with only ONE word.

Susie is an eleven-years-old girl from London. She has two brothers and two sisters. Susie’s mom is a doctor and her dad is a teacher. Her two brothers are called Josh and Michael. Her sisters are called Trish and Samantha. Susie has a dog, Roger and he is a golden-retriever. She likes Christmas lights and muffins.

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Jack's daily routine

Listen to the recording and choose the right answer.

From Monday to Saturday Jack gets up at 7:30. He has a shower and then he has breakfast. At a quarter to eight he goes into the bathroom, brushes his teeth and combs his hair. After that he puts on his shoes and takes the bus to get to school. He gets on this bus at eight o' clock. He gets off the bus in front of the school and enters his classroom just in time.

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Spirit animals

You will hear five children talking about their favourite hobbies. Match each child to his/her spirit animal.

1. Laura: My favourite hobby is reading. I love fantasy and adventure books.

2. Sam: My favourtite hobby is ice-skating. It's like dancing and flying at the same time!

3. Mark: My favourite hobby is cooking. I love the taste of honey. 

4. Clare: My favourite hobby is running. It makes me happy.

5. Tracy: My favourite hobby is relaxing on the sofa. I like it when I am relaxed.

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You are ready!

How did it go?

If you completed all the exercises, you are ready to test yourself with last years' national English tests (Prove INVALSI).

You can find them here and here.

Good luck!