Discover the infinitive of verbs! Learn the definition of this tense and take a look at the examples to learn the basics. Then, practice and improve yourself using the printable worksheet with a list of infinitive verbs and interactive exercises.


What is the infinitive of a verb? 
The infinitive is the basic form of a verb and it's also the version of the verb that you read in the dictionary.

Watch out! When you use this verb tense, the "to" is a part of the verb as well: to eat, to have, to be...

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How to use the infinitive form in English

The infinitive is the base form of a verb. To make this form, you should put "to" before the verb: TO + VERB.

For example:

  • To learn
  • To play
  • To eat
  • To drink
  • To sleep


Every verb has its own base form. Discover them all!

Infinitive verbs - Worksheet

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Download the worksheet below, learn the most important infinitive verbs and try to write them correctly by yourself!