Right and left

Which hand do you write with? Which hand do you use most?

Learn how to identify the right hand and the left hand!


Which is our favourite hand? Are you a left-handed person or a right one?

Learn to recognize which is the right and which is the left.

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Right or left?

What is the right side and what is the left side? Let's learn it with our monsters: look at the picture.

Rita stands on the right side of Oscar. Lisa stands on the right side of Albert.

Albert stands on the left side of Lisa and Oscar stands on the right of Lisa: Lisa is between Albert and Oscar, she is in the middle.

How to tell left from right

Which is the right side? Which is the left side?

Think about cars: they have to keep the right side of the road. However, where is the steering wheel? It's on the left.

What is your favourite hand? Which is the hand you draw with? Look at our monsters: some of them are right-handed, others are left-handed.

Which corner?

You have to take the shot to win the game. Where would you shot?

The goalkeeper is ready to save in the middle. Is it better to kick the ball to the low right corner or to the low left corner?

The goalkeeper is not that tall after all, maybe it's better shooting above his head. Will Rita be able to stop the shot?