From solid shapes to plane shapes

What is the difference between solid and plane shapes? Learn to identify the parts of a solid shape.

Discover the shapes of the objects that surround you: cube, cylinder, parallelepiped and many more!


The objects around us have specific shapes. Discover their names!

Have fun and learn to recognize the solid shapes.

Table of contents of this lesson: From solid shapes to plane shapes

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Every solid has its name

Sphere, cube, cone, cylinder

Pyramid, parallelepiped, prism

Look around you, what do you see? A lot of objects in different shapes. Can you identify them? Help the monsters to gather the objects with the same shape.

Let's learn the names of the solids: the ball is a sphere; the dice is a cuboid; the ice cream cone is... a cone; the roof of the house is a pyramid; the toy box is a parallelepiped; the box full of candies is a prism.